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What is the GED?

The GED officially stands for General Educational Development, although various states and testing services may use alternative terms like General Equivalency Diploma, Graduate Equivalency Degree, or similar combinations, all of which denote the same test. The roots of the GED trace back to World War II when numerous military service members enlisted without completing high school. In response, the American Council on Education (ACE) created the GED as a solution. This high school equivalency diploma enabled these service members to access employment opportunities and pursue higher education.

GED Subject Tests

The GED assesses the academic standards typically covered in high schools, encompassing four primary sections: Reasoning through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies.

  • Mathematical Reasoning: For the GED math test, you need to focus on topics such as basic math, geometry, basic algebra, graphs, and functions. The math section comprises two parts, lasting 115 minutes with a three-minute break in between. Memorization of formulas is unnecessary as you’ll have access to a formula sheet and an on-screen calculator. Utilizing a GED math study guide can enhance your understanding of these topics.
  • Reasoning through Language Arts: The Reasoning through Language Arts covers reading for meaning, identifying and creating arguments, language, and grammar. This test spans 150 minutes and consists of three parts, including a written essay in the third part. A 10-minute break is provided between parts two and three.
  • Social StudiesThe GED social studies test encompasses reading for meaning in social studies, analyzing historical events and arguments, and using numbers and graphs in social studies. The social studies test lasts for 70 minutes without a break. A GED social studies study guide can be beneficial in preparing for this subject, introducing you to potentially unfamiliar topics.
  • Science: A GED science covers reading for meaning in science, designing and interpreting science experiments, and using numbers and graphs in science. The science GED test consists of a single section lasting 90 minutes.

Each section can be taken independently, allowing you to proceed at your preferred pace. For instance, you might choose to tackle one exam every Friday until all sections are completed. It’s crucial to achieve a passing score in every section to successfully obtain your GED. Each subject has its dedicated test, and you have the flexibility to take them individually, not all at once. This allows you to prepare for GED test subjects at your own pace.

A Step by Step: Guide to Obtaining a GED

Achieving a GED certificate requires preparation but can unlock numerous opportunities. If you did not complete high school in the United States, acquiring a General Educational Development (GED) credential can enhance your prospects for better employment or higher education. Equivalent to a high school diploma, the GED is earned by successfully passing its comprehensive exam, which consists of four subjects. Typically, three months of preparation are recommended. The GED exam covers four distinct tests, each focusing on a specific subject. During registration, you have the option to take all four tests at once or spread them out over multiple sessions

Step 1: Research State’s GED Requirements 

The initial step towards obtaining your GED is to review your state’s requirements. For instance, Pennsylvania mandates residency for GED exam eligibility, while states like North Dakota or Arizona include a Constitution test as part of the GED exam. Some states may also necessitate the completion of a pre-test to demonstrate the ability to pass the official GED without additional assistance. Generally, eligibility includes being at least eighteen years old and not currently enrolled in high school. Fees and retake procedures differ by state, with some states permitting testing at the age of sixteen or seventeen. Before embarking on the path to obtaining your GED, it is crucial to confirm whether you meet the eligibility criteria. In most jurisdictions, individuals qualify for the GED if they:

  • Are at least 16 years old (specific requirements may vary by location).
  • Are not currently enrolled in high school.
  • Have not graduated from high school.

It is essential to verify the specific eligibility requirements in your area, as they can vary.

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Step 2: Create a Free GED Account on the GED Website

To initiate the process, you must designate an email address and generate a password for your GED account. Make certain that your password is different from your email address and complies with the following requirements: it must be a minimum of eight characters in length, incorporate letters, and include at least one symbol or number. Once you have entered your email address and password, proceed to click on “Create account” to finalize the setup.

Create a GED account

Step 3: Choose Testing Option: Testing Center or Online GED Testing?

Taking the GED marks a crucial milestone in advancing your educational, academic, and personal aspirations. After investing considerable time in test preparation, you may be contemplating whether to opt for an online or in-person GED test. Moreover, you might be curious about the possibility of taking the GED test from the comfort of your home. The GED test can be undertaken at an official testing center, while there is also the alternative of online-proctored GED testing. The decision between these options hinges on your personal preferences and current life circumstances. Afterward, you will be guided to choose your testing location, whether it’s within a state, another country, or falls under the category of “other countries” if your preferred testing site is on a US military base. Once you’ve made your selection, click on “Continue.” You can choose to register for online GED testing, which is now conveniently accessible! Online GED testing empowers you to take the GED test from the comfort of your own home.

  • Online GED Testing 

Taking the GED test online comes with distinct prerequisites to guarantee a secure and standardized testing environment. Similar to the in-person examination, the online test is proctored, involving an instructor overseeing the process to ensure adherence to all exam rules. Additionally, you are required to furnish a government-issued photo ID for the verification of your name, birthday, residence, and signature. The online GED test can be taken from the comfort of your chosen location. Upon completion, you can conveniently view your final exam scores on

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  • In-Person Testing 

Opting for an in-person GED test allows you to locate an official testing center conveniently through online searches. In-person exams are typically available on weekdays, excluding holidays. Due to limited seating, it’s essential to verify test availability before registering. The testing center will furnish all necessary materials for the exam, including pencils, paper, and equation charts, prohibiting the use of personal supplies. Additionally, you will be required to stow personal items such as purses and backpacks in a secure locker before entering the testing center. Find a GED testing center near you.

Here’s how the Online GED Test operates:

  • Perform a system test to ensure your computer, webcam, and internet connection meet the required standards for online testing.
  • Schedule your online test within 60 days of achieving a ‘green’ status on a GED Ready practice test.
  • Log in to 30 minutes prior to your test appointment to initiate your test.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to check-in for your test, which involves verifying your system, I.D., and workspace.
  • Take your test while an online proctor observes, mirroring the monitoring process at a traditional test center. If you require help with your online GED test, consider hiring expert GED test takers to take the test for you.

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Step 4: Prepare for the GED Exam

Subsequently, gear up for the test. The typical timeline for GED exam preparation is around three months, contingent on your existing knowledge base and study routine. Numerous resources are accessible online through the GED Testing Service, and local adult education centers also offer courses. Practice tests can prove beneficial. Some states mandate the completion of an official GED preparation program. Effective preparation is fundamental for success on the GED exam. Leverage the array of study materials at your disposal, including:

  • Official GED Practice Tests: The GED website furnishes official practice tests for each subject, offering a realistic preview of the exam format and content.
  • GED Study Guides: Numerous study guides and review books are available to assist you in revisiting key concepts and formulating effective study strategies.
  • GED Classes and Online Courses: Consider enrolling in GED classes provided by local adult education programs or explore online courses tailored to prepare individuals for the GED exam.
  • Tutoring Services: If certain subjects prove challenging, contemplate seeking the guidance of an expert GED tutor who can offer personalized support and assistance.

Step 5: Schedule your GED Test

You can complete the registration process either before, during, or after your preparation for the test. Register and submit the fee via the GED Testing Service or at a nearby learning center. The GED Testing Service website enables you to establish an online account, specify the subjects you intend to take, make separate payments for each subject following your state’s fee structure, and pick a convenient day and time for your online GED test.

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Step 6: Take the GED Test

The subsequent step involves taking the test on your scheduled exam online or at the testing center. The test is conducted through a computer station. If opting to complete all four GED sections, a total of seven and a half hours is required for the test. Alternatively, the exam can be taken one subject at a time. It is important to be aware of the different timeframes allocated for each section:

  • Mathematical Reasoning: 115 minutes
  • Language Arts: 150 minutes
  • Social Studies: 70 minutes
  • Science: 90 minutes

Test-takers with learning disabilities, handicaps, or vision impairment can request special accommodations to facilitate their testing experience.

What happens if you don’t pass the GED Test?

Individuals who do not pass a GED test have the opportunity to retake it. To schedule a GED test retakes, it is essential to adhere to your state’s retake policy and go through the registration process again. In the case of the Online Proctored Exam, a single retake is allowed before a 60-day waiting period is imposed. After attempting a test subject twice online, a 60-day wait is required before retesting. Most states do not impose a yearly testing limit. For in-person testing at a Test Center, if you do not pass a GED® test subject, you have two consecutive retests available, with no restrictions between retakes. If you fail on the third or subsequent retest, a 60-day waiting period is enforced before your next attempt. Visit policy page for more details.

How Can I Avoid Retaking The GED Test?

How can I avoid GED test retakes? The answer lies in seeking expert GED test help. offers a perfect solution for you. We have a team of experienced GED expert test takers who can take the GED test on your behalf. The experienced team at consists of subject matter experts well-versed in all the four sections of the GED test. Their expertise not only ensures a passing score but also ensures you achieve higher scores. They guarantee you top scores. If we fail to deliver a top score for your GED test, we offer you a refund. Additionally, we offer our services at affordable prices, making higher scores on the GED test accessible to a broader range of individuals.

Step 7: Get Your GED Score

Following that, it’s time to review your score. The scoring process is entirely automated, and results can be accessed within 24 hours of completing the test. The passing score requirement is 145 on each section (150 in New Jersey) or a total score of at least 580. GED test scores are categorized into three groups to demonstrate your preparedness for employment or college courses:

  • A score of 145-164 is considered a passing score, indicating the attainment of high school diploma equivalency with a skill set comparable to that of an average graduating senior.
  • Scoring in the range of 165-174 signifies being “college ready,” suggesting readiness for certain college-level courses and the potential to bypass remedial courses and placement tests.
  • Achieving a score between 175 and 200 denotes a “college ready + credit” score, implying that the test-taker may qualify for up to 10 college credits.

Step 8: Get Your GED 

Following successful completion of your test, the subsequent step is to acquire your GED and leverage it to enhance college and employment prospects. Official documents are issued through your state of residence, and the GED diploma and transcript can be dispatched to your home. Each state has distinct policies for transcript retrieval, and these details can be found on the GED Testing Service site. These transcripts are essential for college applications or when completing scholarship applications. Armed with your newly obtained GED diploma, you can explore opportunities and commence planning for a promising future.

How is the GED Scored?

The results for each GED test are derived by taking the raw score and converting it to a standardized metric ranging from 100 to 200 points. This standard scoring system ensures that all GED subject tests share a common minimum passing score of 145 points. This means that you need to do well in all four subjects, not just one. This can be hard because most people have strengths and weaknesses in different areas. That’s why you need experts who can help you get amazing results in all of them. To obtain your GED credential, achieving a passing score for each subject is essential, with a minimum score of 145 points. Any score of 144 or lower in a subject indicates a non-passing result. However, it’s crucial to remain optimistic, as multiple retakes are permitted for any subject.

Our experts know all the tips and tricks on how to ace the GED test, so you don’t have to worry about failing the test. They are also proficient in the technology and security measures used for the online GED test, so you don’t have to worry about safety.

Successfully passing the GED test requires attaining a minimum of 145 points on each of the four subject tests, ensuring a cumulative score of at least 580 out of a potential 800 points. Each subject test must be passed individually, necessitating a score of at least 145 points on each test section. Even if you pass other subjects and accumulate a total score of at least 580 points, failing one subject test would still lead to an overall test failure. Read more.

Top Tips to Prepare for the GED Exam

With the foundational elements in place, commence your exam preparation. Pretests will pinpoint specific areas for concentration. If an initial test attempt results in failure, don’t be disheartened; various factors, including nerves, can contribute. Thorough preparation instills confidence, making you more comfortable with the material and the testing process. Adequate GED preparation is crucial, paving the way for educational and career opportunities, personal growth, and advancement in various aspects of life.

Passing in the GED exam can be transformative, opening doors to increased job opportunities, advanced training, and enhanced benefits. Passing the GED also facilitates access to higher education, paving the way for pursuing advanced degrees and a broader range of opportunities. While GED preparation is crucial, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the right online GED test support, such as online GED exam help, you can navigate the preparation process with ease. For help with online GED test help, reach out to via WhatsApp or email.

Here are the top six tips to prep for the GED:

  • Have Daily Study Routine 

Mastering each of the GED test subjects necessitates effective preparation. Allocate at least 30 minutes daily to engage your mind actively in studying. Utilize freely available GED prep materials online, crafted by the same experts who developed the GED test, to streamline information and focus on essential knowledge. This daily commitment is a simple yet effective approach to becoming proficient in every GED subject. By consistently training your mind, you ensure readiness on test day, allowing you to perform well and confidently tackle the challenges of the GED exam.

  • Avoid Distractions

Concentration and information retention are hindered by distractions, so it’s essential to optimize your study environment. Declutter your study area, keeping only necessary notes and learning resources. Consider turning off electronic devices, like laptops or phones, during focused study sessions. Dedicate 30 minutes solely to GED test material, minimizing social media, emails, texts, and calls. Arrange childcare or address responsibilities to enhance focus. Opt for quiet study times in the morning or evening. Additionally, acknowledge the impact of attire on mood; wear a comfortable and confidence-boosting outfit for an extra lift on test day. Learn how to avoid procrastination while studying for the GED

  • Prepare Well a Night before the Test Day

Prepare the night before to ensure your test day goes smoothly. Pack essential items, including a valid government-issued ID, snacks, and, if required, your TI-30XS hand-held calculator. Any personal items like gadgets, phones, wallets, or others will need to be stored in the center’s designated facility, so plan accordingly. This way, your focus on test day can solely be on the exam, minimizing potential stress or distractions.

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  • Ensure you have a restful night’s sleep.

Adequate sleep contributes to enhanced test performance, boosting both conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills. It’s crucial to prioritize not only the night before your test but also in the preceding nights. Effective preparation involves consistent study of GED prep materials, making cramming unnecessary. A well-rested state is more conducive to absorbing information, ensuring you approach the test with a mentally prepared and alert mindset.

  • Arrive Early or Prepare your Private Testing Environment 

Arrive at the testing center 30 minutes before the test by waking up earlier than usual. Familiarize yourself with the surroundings to ensure comfort and minimize potential delays caused by traffic, weather, or public transit issues. This proactive approach helps alleviate anxiety associated with running behind schedule. Upon reaching the testing center, take a moment for a calming walk or quiet meditation to soothe any nerves if necessary.

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