What to Expect in a GED Test

 what is expected in.a ged test ? The GED test evaluates your understanding of the four core subjects: mathematical reasoning, language arts, social studies, and science. The exam, just like every other TEAS test, the GED test is set with different types of questions: multiple choice, fill in the black, select an area, drag and drop, and dropdown.

The language arts subject also expects you to write an essay. This means you cannot fail the exam simply because you are not conversant with the type of questions used. For instance, if you often have trouble with multiple choice questions and you are wondering, “how can I take my GED test and pass?”, you can relax since the exam does not just use this type of question throughout the exam, and you can easily do better with the other types.

Each subject has a different timeline based on the number of questions and what is expected of you. The mathematical reasoning exam has 45 questions and takes about 115 to finish. This means that you have two minutes and thirty seconds for every question.

However, it is crucial to note that these questions are not equal in terms of their difficulty, and you should spend as little time as possible on the fairer questions to have extra time for the more difficult questions. For this subject, you are allowed to carry a calculator (the physical TI-30XS scientific calculator or use the one on your computer screen if you are doing the online proctoring exam) and a formula sheet. However, double-check instructions on what you are allowed to carry to the exam room.

The language arts exam has 53 questions and you are allocated 90 minutes on this exam. If you spend more than one minute and thirty seconds on each question, you might not be able to finish your exam on time. This is why it is crucial to take a GED practice test as it will help you time yourself while answering each question.

Timing yourself will help you answer all the questions before time is over and even get a few minutes to go through the entire exam, checking if you have made any errors before the allocated time is over. You are also given an essay question for the language arts, which takes 45 minutes. The essay is meant to test how well you can articulate your arguments, which is an important part of the language arts.

The social studies exam has 35 questions and takes 70 minutes to complete the exam. This means that you need to use two minutes or less on each question for you to beat the timeline. This is the shortest exam, but this does not mean that you should take it for granted since it incorporates various subjects under the umbrella of the social studies discipline. This means that you cannot study history and ignore other subjects such as the government and geography since that would mean that you will fail the subject.

Science has 34-35 questions and you are allocated 90 minutes to complete all these questions. Therefore, you are safe if you spend two and a half minutes or less on each question. In this subject, you must apply scientific concepts and even read graphs and charts.

All four subjects take even hours to complete. This means that if you so wish, you can take all four exams on the same day. All you have to do is ensure that none of the exams’ timetables overlap and that you are okay with taking very short breaks (at least 10 minutes) between the exams. However, you can also pace yourself and take the exams on different days. This will ensure you have time to refresh before taking another  ged exam.

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