Can you use a calculator on the GED test? Yes! You are allowed to use a specific type of calculator, namely the TI-30XS by Texas Instruments, often referred to as the GED Calculator. This calculator is permitted for use on the GED Math, Social Studies, and Science tests. Many students experience apprehension, particularly about the Math test. GED aims to assist you in preparing for test day by providing insights into what to expect on the GED math test. To pass your GED math test, you’ll need to grasp various concepts, including:

  • Basic Math
  • Geometry
  • Basic Algebra and
  • Graphs and Functions.

The reassuring aspect is that you won’t need to memorize formulas. If a problem requires formula-based solutions, the necessary information will be provided. Despite this, concerns about potential calculation errors may linger, prompting the question: Can you use a calculator on the GED?

Are you Allowed to Use a Calculator during the Online GED Math Test?

Yes! For the GED Math test, the only permissible calculator is the TI-30XS, which is available in two formats: as a handheld device or as a digital, on-screen version. While taking the Math test, you will have access to the digital, on-screen version of the calculator. If you opt for a traditional test center, you can bring your personal handheld TI-30XS calculator. However, for the online Math test, you must utilize the digital version of the TI-30XS. To get top score on your GED math test, seek expert help.

Using Calculator for GED Math Exam

A calculator is permitted for use in the GED exam, but you are restricted to one type: the TI-30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator. This calculator is provided during your test and is presented in a digital format, eliminating the need to purchase or bring the device yourself. It’s important to note that this calculator may operate differently from others you’ve used previously, such as handheld or phone calculators. Therefore, it is crucial to become thoroughly acquainted with the calculator before the exam to avoid wasting time figuring out its functions during the test. You should meet all the requirements for the online GED math test.

Fortunately, there are tutorials available to assist you. The TI-30XS Calculator Reference Sheet guides you through the calculations essential for passing the GED math test. Additionally, the GED Test Calculator Tutorial is a step-by-step guide that helps you learn how to navigate and perform basic functions on the calculator. The tutorial calculator has no usage limit, allowing you to practice as much as needed to become comfortable with it. Utilizing the formula sheet in your practice will also ensure you are well-prepared for the actual test day.

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How to Prepare for the GED Math Test

Preparing for the GED math test? Arm yourself with readiness by understanding what to study and how to approach the test. Enhance your exam performance by exploring our tips on successfully navigating the GED math test. With dedicated study and preparation, you’ll be well-equipped to excel in the GED math exam. Engage in practice tests, identify your weaker areas, and persevere in your studies until you’ve established a robust knowledge foundation. Strategically allocate your study time to cover all four math types, ensuring comprehensive preparedness for exam day.

On which part of the GED Math test is the use of a calculator permitted?

For the GED Math test, a hand-held calculator (the Texas Instruments TI-30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator) can be used during the second part of the math test. Alternatively, an on-screen calculator is provided. Calculators are also allowed on specific sections of the GED Science and Social Studies Tests. During the GED Math test and certain segments of the Science and Social Studies tests, you will receive a Reference Sheet demonstrating the functionality of the on-screen calculator, including its use for complex problem-solving involving fractions and order of operations.

It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the calculator in advance, so consider purchasing one early and practicing with it. The calculator is also permitted during the GED Social Studies test. This website offers numerous tips on how to excel in the Social Studies subtest quickly and efficiently. Taking multiple practice tests will help you acclimate to the GED testing format, refine your testing skills, and reduce test anxiety. Practice tests enable you to quickly adapt to the real exam conditions and identify areas of weakness and strength, allowing you to focus on the topics that require your attention the most.

Struggling with your GED Math Test Preparation?

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