Can I take the GED test online? Yes, you can take the GED Test online. The GED test, when taken online, is under continuous supervision by a live proctor, ensuring a secure testing environment. This online assessment employs the robust OnVUE software, equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) features to enhance test security. Eligibility for online testing depends on various factors, including your state of residence, satisfactory performance on the GED Ready practice test, and the availability of testing centers.

The Online Proctored GED Test is presently accessible in specific U.S. states and select international locations. This innovative option enables students to complete their GED examination from the comfort of their own homes, all the while being closely monitored by a remote proctor. This online testing solution was developed to assist students in continuing their educational journey when traditional test centers may be temporarily closed or offering limited appointment slots.

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Online GED Testing

While taking the GED exam online, the number of attempts to attain a passing score is more limited compared to an in-person test center setting. If you do not succeed in a subject test after two attempts, a 60-day waiting period must be observed before you can make another online attempt at passing that particular subtest.

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What Is The GED Test?

The GED exam is an assessment designed to gauge your knowledge and competencies, serving as a high school equivalency (HSE) examination. It comprises four distinct subject tests, or sub-exams, which cover the academic disciplines of Social Studies, Science, Mathematical Reasoning, and Reasoning through Language Arts. These assessments are set at a level of proficiency similar to the expectations for high school graduates. Please note that additional eligibility criteria must be met to opt for the online testing option. To explore in-depth information about the GED and how to earn it efficiently, visit our dedicated page.

What’s needed to take the GED TEST Online?

  1. Computer, Webcam, and Internet Access:

Ensure you have access to a computer equipped with a webcam and a stable internet connection. It’s important to run a system test to confirm that your computer meets the necessary technical specifications.

  1. 2. Private and Distraction-Free Workspace:

Choose a quiet, private room with four walls and a closed door to take your online test. Minimize distractions in this space to ensure a focused testing environment.

  1. Government-Issued ID:

You will be required to present a valid government-issued identification when you check in for your online test to verify your identity.

  1. ‘Green’ GED Ready Score:

For each subject in which you intend to test online, you must have taken a GED Ready practice test and achieved a ‘green’ score within the last 60 days. This demonstrates your readiness to tackle the GED exam in that specific subject.

Can I Pay Someone to Take My GED Test Online?

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How the Online GED Test Works

Here are the steps to follow for taking the GED test online:

  1. Conduct a System Test: Ensure that your computer, webcam, and internet connection meet the necessary requirements for online testing.
  2. Book Your Online Test: Schedule your online test within 60 days of achieving a ‘green’ score on the GED Ready practice test. Learn how to book your online GED Test.
  3. Log In to Access the platform at least 30 minutes before your scheduled test appointment to initiate your test session.
  4. Check-In Process: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the check-in process for your test, which includes verifying your system, presenting your identification, and confirming your workspace.
  5. Take Your Test: Take your test with the online proctor monitoring your session, mirroring the supervision you’d receive at a physical test center.

Can I take the GED Test from Home? How Does It Work?

Yes! You have the opportunity to obtain your GED diploma right from the comfort of your own home. This online GED test is administered by GED Testing Service, and to get started, you must register for it on The GED exam is closely supervised by a proctor. They will confirm your identity and ensure the exam’s integrity. To be eligible for online GED testing, you are required to pass the GED Ready® practice test. Achieving a “green” score, indicating a likelihood of passing, is essential. It’s important to note that your GED Ready score cannot be more than 60 days old for each of the four GED subject tests you wish to take online.

Scheduling your GED® test might appear intimidating if you’re unsure about the process. No need to fret, though, as we’re here to guide you step by step through the entire scheduling procedure.

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