Online Proctored GED Testing

The standard method for GED testing, known as online proctoring, has become a common alternative to in-person testing at a physical test center. In the online proctored GED® exam, specialized software oversees your computer’s desktop, webcam video, and audio. The information collected by the proctoring software is sent to a proctoring service for evaluation. Continue reading to gather all the details and ensure you are well-prepared for this examination format. We will show you how GED online works below.

Who Can Take the GED Test Online?

Anyone eligible for the GED exam has the opportunity to take the test online, provided they meet specific prerequisites. First and foremost, obtaining a score in the “green zone” on the GED Ready® Practice Test is essential. Additionally, students need to ensure they meet all the technical requirements. Therefore, to qualify for online GED testing, students must have achieved a “Likely to Pass” or “Green” score on the GED Ready practice test.

This official GED practice test serves as an indicator of a student’s likelihood to pass the GED test or if further preparational coursework is needed. It’s important to note that this requirement is a recent addition. Students opting for the GED test at physical locations typically aren’t obligated to have a ‘Green’ GED Ready score. Those who have secured scores in the “Green Zone” on the GED Ready test will find Online Proctored (O.P.) registration information upon logging into their accounts. The GED Ready test can be taken online, and eligible applicants must have attained the required score within the past 60 days.

 Requirements for the Online GED Test

To take the Online Proctored GED exam, you need to utilize a computer, whether desktop or laptop, equipped with a microphone and camera. A stable Internet connection is crucial, and you must be in a quiet, private room. Note that mobile devices and tablets are not permissible. To ensure the continual transfer of exam data, maintain a connection speed of at least 500kbps. It is mandatory to keep your Internet connectivity stable and secure, and closing your browser during the exam is not allowed. Before commencing the OP GED test, you must install the GED proctoring software on the computer you intend to use.

Upon the start of the OP GED exam, you will undergo identity verification. This involves taking a webcam photo of your face and a photo of your ID. The proctoring software on your computer will verify additional elements to ensure a safe and secure testing environment. Throughout the online GED test, the software monitors your computer, scrutinizes running software, and streams exam data to the proctoring software via the cloud. Additionally, the software records audio and video through your webcam.

How GED Online Works

During the proctored GED exam, certified proctors employ cutting-edge artificial intelligence to uphold the integrity of the GED test. Only the on-screen calculator is permitted for use in Online Proctored tests; handheld calculators are not allowed. Test-takers must refrain from unscheduled breaks during the exam, as this can render the results invalid. However, scheduled breaks, similar to those in testing centers, are permissible. Upon check-in, students are required to take pictures of themselves, their government-issued photo ID, and images of their room and desk.

Once approved, test-takers can proceed to take a GED subtest under the webcam supervision of a certified proctor. The online GED test maintains the same duration as the regular test. Pearson VUE provides the online proctoring technology. It is equipped with anti-cheating security features such as face-recognition technology and browser lockdown. Official third-party proctors monitor the testing sessions.

After a successful check-in, candidates are directed to a page that confirms they are “Ready for launch!” Within ten minutes, a proctor will greet them, and the test can commence once all requirements and conditions are met. Patience is essential as the entire process may take some time. The cost of the online proctored exam has changed. Most states now charge the same for both online and on-site testing. For specific pricing details, refer to this post: how much does GED test cost? The price for online GED testing varies from state to state. Adequate preparation remains crucial for a passing the GED exam experience, and practicing with practice tests is the most effective method of preparation.

How To Get My GED Online

Obtaining a GED online involves the following steps:

  1. Create an Account: Visit the official GED website ( or an authorized testing center’s platform and create an account, providing necessary personal information, including identification details.
  2. Payment: Pay the required exam fee using the online payment system. Fees may vary, so check the official website for accurate information.
  3. Study Preparation: Prepare for the GED by studying the relevant subjects. Utilize official GED study materials, practice tests, and any additional resources you find beneficial. Consider taking a practice test to familiarize yourself with the online testing format and identify areas that may need further review.
  4. Schedule for the Online GED Exam: Once ready, schedule your GED test online through the platform. Choose a suitable date, time, and testing location, ensuring it offers online testing options.
  5. System Requirements Check: Ensure your computer or device meets the technical requirements for online testing, including a stable internet connection, supported web browser, and necessary software. On the scheduled test day, log in to the online testing platform in advance. Follow any provided instructions for the check-in process and be ready to begin your exam.
  6. Take the GED Test: Answer questions for each subject during the online GED test. If you feel unprepared, you have the option to hire someone to take the GED exam for you. provides a solution, with a team of experienced GED test takers who can remotely connect to your computer and take the GED test on your behalf. Live chat  

GED Test Results

  1. Receive Your GED Test Score: Access your GED test scores online. Typically available within a day of completing the exams on the GED website, log in to your account to view your scores. A passing score is generally 145 or higher on each subject, although scoring systems may vary.
  2. Receive GED Certificate: Upon successfully passing all required subjects, you will receive your GED credential. You can request you transcript online. Recognized as equivalent to a high school diploma, this document can be used for further education or employment opportunities.