In many states, opting for a remote GED test location has become more expensive compared to taking the GED test at an official GED test center. Consequently, the pricing structure for the GED test has become slightly more intricate. When a student chooses to take the GED test at a GED test center, most states typically levy a fee of $30 per subject. However, if the student opts for online testing, the cost is $36. On the other hand, in certain states, an in-person test at a test center is priced at just $20, while online testing remains at $36.

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How Much Does a GED Cost in Texas?

In Texas, the online GED exam is priced at $42.25 per sub-exam. Consequently, the total cost in Texas amounts to $169. It’s important to note that online GED test-takers are also required to pay an additional $28 for four GED Ready tests, making the total cost $197. However, students who opt for Onsego’s My Advantage Plan will receive four GED Ready vouchers at no extra charge.

For those GED students who choose to take the four sub-exams at one of Texas’ testing centers, the cost is $36.25 per individual GED subtest, totaling $145 for the entire battery of tests.

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How Much Does a GED Cost Across Different States?

The costs of GED testing differ from one state to another. Online GED test fees can fluctuate depending on your location, just as in-person testing and retake costs can vary based on the state you’re in.

Below are the current costs associated with each GED subject in various states:

State/Territory Cost per GED Subtest Cost for Four GED Subjects Combined
Alabama $36 $144
Alaska $36 $144
American Samoa $36 $144
Arizona $41 $164
Arkansas $36 $144
Bermuda $0 $0.00
California $41 $164
Colorado $43.50 $174
Connecticut $0 (residents only) $0 (residents only)
D.C. $36 $144
Delaware $30 $120
Federal Bureau of Prisons $0 $0.00
Florida $38 $152
Georgia $46 $184
Hawaii $43.50 $174
Idaho $36 $144
Illinois $36 $144
Kansas $39 $156
Kentucky $36 $144
Maryland $36 $144
Massachusetts $36 $144
Michigan $43.50 $174
Michigan Prisons $0 $0.00
Minnesota $36 $144
Mississippi $36 $144
Nebraska $36 $144
Nevada $36 $144
New Jersey $36 $144
New Mexico $36 $144
North Carolina $36 $144
North Dakota $36 $144
Northern Mariana Islands $36 $144
Ohio $36 $144
Oklahoma $41 $164
Oregon $44 $164
Pennsylvania $36 $144
Rhode Island $36 $144
South Carolina $43.50 $174
South Dakota $43.50 $174
Texas $42.25 $169
Utah $36 $144
Vermont $36 $144
Virginia $36 $144
Virgin Islands $36 $144
Washington $36 $144
Wisconsin $39.75 $159
Wyoming $36 $144


What’s On the GED Test?

The GED® exam comprises four distinct subjects, each presented as separate exams: Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. You have the flexibility to take these exams individually, without the need to complete all four in a single session, allowing you to proceed at your own pace.

How to Enroll for the GED Test?

For the GED test, you have the option to select, enroll in, and pay for each of the four subtests independently. To initiate the registration process for the GED exam or the GED Ready test, you must create an account on With this account, you can complete the registration, arrange your test appointments, and make the necessary payments. Learn more about how to book a GED test online to begin this exciting journey today.

How Much Is The GED Test In A Different State?

Many students wonder if they can take the online GED test in a state other than their own. The answer hinges on regional regulations. Certain states necessitate GED candidates to demonstrate proof of residency, whereas others do not. It’s important to note that identification prerequisites may also vary by state, so it’s crucial to stay informed.

The cost of obtaining your GED varies depending on your state and the method you choose for the exam. Students who opt for the online test must consider additional fees (online GED test plus GED Ready test). However, when compared to the expenses associated with traveling to a traditional testing center, it may be a worthwhile investment.

GED Retests and Costs

Students have the opportunity to retake a GED subtest if they don’t pass it on their initial attempt. The first two retakes for each GED module are available at a reduced cost. The pricing of the GED® test and any retakes can differ between states. GED Testing Service offers fee waivers for retaking subject tests that were previously failed, and this is also an option that states and test centers may choose to adopt. After taking advantage of the first two retakes at the reduced rate, the price of the test subject returns to its standard cost. In the event of another unsuccessful attempt, two more retakes at the reduced rate are provided. Click here to find your test retake price.

To avoid retaking the test, you can pay someone to take the GED test online for you.