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Advantages of Obtaining Your GED

Obtaining a GED enables you to:

  1. Pursue higher education, as a diploma or GED is a prerequisite for college admission.
  2. Access scholarship opportunities by achieving high scores, providing financial support for college or technical training.
  3. Progress within your current role or field, as a GED opens doors that may have been previously closed.
  4. Qualify for higher-paying jobs, as many lucrative positions demand a high school diploma or GED.
  5. Develop effective study skills and test-taking strategies, beneficial for further education or career advancement exams.
  6. Embrace change and personal growth, breaking bad habits and cultivating positive ones for a more fulfilling life.
  7. Boost self-confidence through the dedication and hard work required to attain your GED.

Can I Take my GED Online?

Yes! offers the choice of taking the GED test online or at a designated state test center. Eligible students in participating states can qualify for online testing based on factors like residency and GED Ready scores. Throughout the entirety of the online GED test, a proctor will monitor you, typically utilizing a microphone and a webcam. The proctor will also have screen access to the computer in use, ensuring their responsibility to prevent cheating and uphold the integrity of your GED exam. The official online proctored GED test is exclusively available through GED Testing Service at With online GED testing, students maintain their regular daily activities, whether it involves family responsibilities or full-time employment. Despite this, you can still manage online GED classes and attain your GED, all while saving time and transportation costs by completing these tasks from the comfort of your home.

How to Obtain GED Online?

Obtaining a GED online involves the following steps:

  1. Create an Account: Visit the official GED website ( or an authorized testing center’s platform and create an account. Provide necessary personal information, including identification details.
  2. Payment: Pay the required exam fee using the online payment system. Fees can vary, so check the official website for accurate information.
  3. Study Preparation: Prepare for the GED by studying the relevant subjects. Utilize official GED study materials, practice tests, and any additional resources you find beneficial. Consider taking a practice test to familiarize yourself with the online testing format and identify areas that may need further review.
  4. Schedule for the online GED Exam: Once ready, schedule your GED test online through the platform. Choose a suitable date, time, and testing location, ensuring it offers online testing options.
  5. System Requirements Check: Ensure your computer or device meets the technical requirements for online testing. This includes a stable internet connection, supported web browser, and necessary software. On the scheduled test day, log in to the online testing platform in advance. Follow any provided instructions for the check-in process and be ready to begin your exam.
  6. Take the GED Test: Take the GED test online by answering questions for each subject. Remember that if you are not well prepared for your GED test, you have an option to hire someone to take the GED exam for you. is the perfect solution for you. We have a team of experienced GED test takers who can remotely connect to your computer and take the GED test for you. Hire us now!  
  7. Receive your GED Test Score: Receive your GED test scores online. Your GED scores will be accessible on the GED website within a day of completing the exams. Log in to your account to access and view your GED test scores. The scoring system may vary, but typically a passing score is 145 or higher on each subject.
  8. Receive GED Certificate: Once you’ve successfully passed all required subjects, you’ll receive your GED credential. This document is recognized as equivalent to a high school diploma and can be used for further education or employment opportunities.


How To Ask for Our GED Test Help Service

To request our GED test help service, simply follow the following steps:

  1. Begin by visiting our website (, and registering for our services.
  2. Once you’ve completed your registration, utilize the live chat feature situated at the top right corner of our website to initiate a conversation with our dedicated support team. Begin the conversation with this writing “Can you help me obtain GED online?” Our support team will respond to you accordingly
  3. Provide all the relevant details related to your online GED test, including your preferred date for taking the test.
  4. We will promptly provide you with an accurate pricing quote for taking the GED test online on your behalf. Once you are satisfied with the pricing, we will assign you a GED expert to take the test for you for you. We will remotely connect your computer and take your GED test for you even if the online proctor is active. We will take your GED test for you without being caught. We will connect your computer prior to the exam.
  5. We will keep in touch with you as we take the GED test for you.

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