GED Online in Maryland

In Maryland, the GED exam can be taken online, provided you meet specific requirements. To be eligible for online testing, you must attain “Green” (Likely To Pass) scores on the official GED Ready practice test. The GED Ready test, available for purchase on, is priced at $6.99 each and includes one test for each of the four GED sub-exams. Registration for both the GED exam and the GED Ready test must be completed online by creating an account on Given the challenging nature of the GED exam, thorough preparation is essential for success, and our services are designed to expedite and enhance your preparation journey.

How much does GED cost in Maryland?

Residents of Maryland receive subsidies for GED testing. The standard fee is $36 per subtest or $144 for the complete exam. Whether taking the Maryland GED exam online or through on-site testing, the initial attempt incurs a cost of $11.25. However, this applies solely to the first try. For subject test retakes, the fee is $36 for each of the four subtests. Following the initial attempt, the regular fees are applicable: $36 per subject test or $144 for the entire GED battery, both for online and on-site testing. Additionally, there is an extra cost for four GED Ready practice tests, totaling $28.

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Can I take my GED online in Maryland?

Qualified GED test candidates in Maryland can choose to take their exams from the comfort of their homes or another location, all while being securely monitored by a proficient online proctor. To be eligible, testers must have achieved a Green score on the GED Ready® Test module within the last 60 days, be 18 years or older, and possess a computer, webcam, Internet access, and a private room.

Online GED Classes

Preparing for the GED exam can be demanding, especially for students juggling busy schedules. Accessing comprehensive online GED classes and practice tests can significantly streamline your path to success. With an online course, you eliminate the need to wait for lengthy classes. Instead, indulge in our bite-sized, engaging video lessons that comprehensively cover all facets of the GED exam. These lessons impart intriguing strategies to arrive at correct answers, regardless of the challenge. Plus, you have the flexibility to revisit the material as many times as necessary until you grasp every aspect thoroughly.

GED Scoring in Maryland?

The outcome for each test is determined by taking the raw score and scaling it to a common metric ranging from 100 to 200 points. This standardized scoring system establishes a uniform minimum passing score of 145 points for all GED subject tests. To earn your GED credential, achieving a passing score for each subject is imperative, with a minimum score requirement of 145 points. Any score of 144 or lower in a subject signifies a non-passing result. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to remain optimistic, as you are permitted to schedule multiple retakes for any subject.

Successfully passing the GED test entails attaining a minimum score of 145 points on each of the four subject tests, ensuring a cumulative score of at least 580 out of a potential 800 points. Even if you pass other subjects and accumulate a total score of at least 580 points, failing one subject test would still lead to an overall test failure.

How Do I Register For The GED Test?

To sign up for the GED exam, you must establish your account on the website. This platform allows you to schedule your test appointments and make payments for the exam. You are only charged for the specific tests you decide to take, allowing you to pay for them individually if preferred. It’s important to note that the current version of the GED is exclusively computer-formatted, and paper-and-pencil testing is no longer available. This shift aligns with the contemporary demands of various positions, which increasingly require fundamental computer and keyboarding skills. The GED exam consists of four subtests that encompass academic subjects, including Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Mathematical Reasoning. The Language Arts section incorporates both reading and writing components, along with an essay.

How Can I Prepare For The GED Test?

While Maryland doesn’t mandate passing the GED Ready practice test or enrolling in a prep course, it’s highly recommended due to the challenging nature of the computerized GED exam. Signing up for a GED prep course, available in various locations across the U.S., including many free options, can provide valuable assistance. Additionally, your local library or bookstore will offer a plethora of prep materials. However, the most efficient way to prepare for the GED test is through a robust online prep course. Initiate your GED preparation journey by taking a few practice tests, allowing you to identify academic weaknesses. It also help you to focus your study efforts on the areas that require the most attention.