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About Social Studies GED Exam 

The GED® Social Studies test evaluates your knowledge in history, geography, government, and economics. Within a 70-minute timeframe, you will address 35 questions rooted in reading passages and the interpretation of various visual aids, including charts, graphs, diagrams, editorial cartoons, photographs, and maps. Scoring for the GED® Social Studies test ranges from 100 to 200.

A score below 145 on any of the four tests indicates a Not Passing result. The test content is distributed as follows:

  • History (Canada: 25%, World: 15%)
  • Geography (15%)
  • Civics and government (25%)
  • Economics (20%)

This breakdown offers insights into the emphasis placed on different subject areas, enabling you to tailor your preparation accordingly. Understanding the weightage of each category will contribute to a more strategic and effective approach as you ready yourself for the GED® Social Studies test.

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How to Cheat On my Social Studies GED Test

How can I cheat on my GED Social Studies test? Is cheating on the online GED test challenging? Many individuals mistakenly believe in the existence of a cheat sheet containing all the test answers readily accessible online. In reality, finding live questions with answers for the GED test is an unattainable feat. Passing the Social Studies GED exam poses a significant challenge, underscoring the need for careful consideration before deciding to drop out of high school. If you have the means to stay in school and earn your diploma, it is strongly advised. However, if you find yourself as a high school dropout or are contemplating taking the Social Studies GED test to continue your educational journey, there is an optimal solution available.

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