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Everything You Need to Know About the GED Test

The GED, which stands for General Educational Development, comprises a series of exams designed for individuals to obtain their GED diploma, which serves as a substitute for a traditional high school diploma. Many workplaces mandate a high school diploma or its equivalent, making the GED certificate an attractive option for those seeking employment.

The GED exam covers four core subjects: mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies. To pass each subject, a minimum score of 145 is required. Scores ranging from 165 to 174 demonstrate college readiness, while higher scores indicate an even greater level of preparedness. The GED test can be taken either in person at a test center or online.

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Can You Take the GED Test Online?

The GED test can be taken online in every state that offers online GED testing, except some states, where test-takers must visit an official GED testing center. Opting to take the GED online from the comfort of your own home can alleviate test anxiety for many individuals, although some may find navigating the technology a bit challenging.

For online testing, you’ll need to have a government-issued ID to begin the examination. Since the tests are monitored by an online proctor, a webcam and a dependable internet connection are essential requirements. Furthermore, the testing environment must be distraction-free, featuring a closed door to ensure concentration.

How to Pass the GED?

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