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GED Essay Overview

GED Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) subject test comprises two parts, with one section designated as the Extended Response, commonly known as the GED essay. This extended response covers various topics but adheres to a consistent format. You be given two different articles on the same subject, typically argumentative essays with a clear position. The task involves evaluating these arguments and writing an argumentative essay of your own, determining which article presents the most robust position.

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How to Write a GED Essay 

Writing an good GED essay involves thoughtful structure and content. Aim for a well-organized essay comprising 3-6 paragraphs, each containing 3-7 sentences. While your GED essay must not exceed two pages, it’s crucial to utilize both sides of the answer sheet. The key focus is on the content of your essay. To secure a good score, ensure your GED essay aligns with the specified criteria. A panel of two or three examiners will score your essay, emphasizing logical structure and articulate expression of ideas. Clearly communicate your main idea and support it with relevant arguments. You should:

  • Write a brief introduction and conclusion.
  • Employ short, logically connected sentences.
  • Develop arguments or facts directly pertinent to the topic.
  • Use simple language; avoid unnecessary scientific terms.
  • Prove your essay with one or two pertinent arguments.

How To A Top Score in your GED  Essay 

If you feel uncertain about your essay-writing skills, you consider writing more practice GED essays. Dedicate time each day to write at least one essay in preparation. Aim for a comprehensive piece, comprising a minimum of 400 words and featuring a well-structured introduction, body, and conclusion. For GED essay practice, challenge yourself to independently write an essay. Set a timer for 45 minutes and strive to present your analysis and ideas coherently. To enhance your skills further, consider exploring additional essay writing exercises. Access sample essay materials on and receive personalized feedback from our team of GED Essay writers. Check our reviews

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