The GED Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) exams evaluates your proficiency in comprehending written content and expressing ideas clearly and persuasively in writing. How can I pass my GED RLA test? To enhance your preparedness for the language arts GED exam, there are several strategies you can use. Familiarizing yourself with the test content, understanding its scope, and becoming acquainted with the question formats can bolster your confidence when approaching the exam. Additionally, thorough review of the relevant materials is crucial for effective preparation.

What to Expect in The Writing Section of the GED Reasoning Through Language Arts Test? 

The writing section in the GED Reasoning Through Language Arts test involves an extended-response task designed to assess your ability to concentrate on a topic, organize information effectively, and support conclusions with evidence from provided texts.

  • Part 1: Grammar and Language: Multiple choice and drop-down language questions
  • Part 2: Essay: An essay question

Part 1: Grammar and Language

This section comprises multiple-choice and drop-down language questions. In a drop-down question, you’ll be required to complete a sentence with the correct word, phrase, or punctuation. This segment spans 75 minutes and features 50 multiple-choice questions covering the following content areas:

  • Organization (15%)
  • Sentence structure (30%)
  • Usage (30%)
  • Mechanics (25%)

Tasks include:

  • Writing clearly and eliminating wordy or awkward language
  • Correcting commonly confused words
  • Editing errors in verbs, pronouns, informal language, or misplaced modifiers
  • Employing parallel sentence structure
  • Using transition words, phrases, and connecting words
  • Ensuring correct sentence structure
  • Implementing proper punctuation, capitalization, and apostrophes

Part 2: Essay

This segment involves crafting an essay on a familiar subject, with 45 minutes allocated for planning, writing, and revising. While the GED essay is just one question on the test, it can be a source of concern for many students. It’s essential to remember that the essay is only one component of the overall test. If you construct a comprehensive essay with a clear beginning, middle, and end that addresses the question, you’re likely to excel. The essay topic will prompt you to express your opinion or elucidate your views on the given subject.

Is GED RLA Writing Test Hard?

Facing the GED RLA writing exam without adequate practice and a grasp of the format can be daunting. While the GED test is indeed challenging, approaching it with a strong foundation and thorough preparation can alleviate the difficulty. With proper resources, getting ready for the GED RLA test can make the GED Reasoning through Language Arts assessment seem more manageable. Passing the GED® RLA test requires the ability to write clearly, analyze texts closely and comprehend written texts

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How To Study for The GED Language Arts Test 

The best way to prepare for GED RLA writing test is to spend some time on revising the writing part and writing more practice essays

  • Take GED RLA Writing Practice Tests

The best way to study for GED RLA writing test is taking practice tests. By taking a practice test, you can identify areas that require further study. Access a complimentary writing practice test here. A quality practice test not only familiarizes you with the test format but also pinpoints specific areas for improvement. It features practice questions akin to those found on the GED Test, providing valuable insights for targeted study.

  • Make Time and Space to Study: Study Effectively

Create an organized study space equipped with all necessary materials. Establish a consistent daily study routine and adhere to it diligently. Allocate a brief period for studying each day before bedtime, as information tends to be better retained this way. Stay committed to your study regimen, using a tracker to record each day of study. As a reward, treat yourself after completing a full week of dedicated study.

  • Write Practice GED Essays

Write more practice essays. Ensure your essay is comprehensive, consisting of a minimum of 400 words, and includes a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Address the prompt: “Which passage presents a stronger argument? Why?” Support your analysis with specific details from the provided texts.

How Can I Pass my GED RLA Writing Test?

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