Many find the GED essay to be a daunting task. Writing an entire essay from scratch in 45 minutes or less can pose a challenge, but it’s not an insurmountable one. This guide on GED essay writing aims to alleviate your concerns by providing insights into what to anticipate and offering strategies to excel in the written segment of the test. Explore the GED extended response with illustrative examples, valuable tips, and a comprehensive breakdown of the evaluation criteria. How can I write and pass the GED essay? Read on to discover effective techniques for writing and passing this crucial part of the test. For quality and good GED essay, contact for help.

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What is the GED Essay?

The GED test comprises four subjects: mathematical reasoning, social studies, science, and reasoning through language arts (RLA). Within the RLA subject test, there are two components, one of which is the GED extended response, commonly referred to as the GED essay. Your task is to complete this essay within a 45-minute time frame to the best of your ability. However, if you find yourself unable to finish within the given time, there’s no need to fret. The essay contributes only 20% to your final RLA score, meaning you can still pass the test even with a modest essay score.

The extended response covers a range of topics but adheres to a consistent format. You’ll be provided with two distinct articles on the same subject, typically argumentative essays taking a firm stance. Your objective is to assess the two arguments and compose your own argumentative essay, determining which article presents the most compelling position. The recommended length for the essay is 3-5 paragraphs, with each paragraph consisting of 3-7 sentences.

GED Essay Practice

To improve your GED essay writing skills, attempt to write your own essay using the provided examples. Set a timer for 45 minutes and strive to produce an essay infused with your individual analysis and ideas. For additional writing practice, you can explore further with this complimentary test. Alternatively, consider enrolling in the GED Academy today to access a wider array of GED essay prompts and receive personalized feedback from GED Essay graders. You can also hire our GED essay writers to write the essay for you and ensure you pass the GED test.

How to Write a Good GED Essay 

The organization of the GED essay can take various forms, depending on how you choose to structure your ideas. Nevertheless, it should consist of an introductory paragraph, 1-3 body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. To achieve a passing score, your essay must articulate a clear topic supported by details from both passages. Begin by presenting your main idea in the introduction, establish connections between your details and the main idea in the middle paragraphs, and ensure that your conclusion logically aligns with the presented details.

  • In the introduction, showcase your comprehension of the overall topic derived from the passages you’ve read and present a claim. The claim serves as a statement of your argument, providing the essay’s position on the questions presented. While the claim doesn’t require extensive elaboration, it should succinctly express your essay’s stance.
  • The body paragraphs delve into more intricate details, encompassing a blend of summary, analysis, and evidence to substantiate your claim. Ensure that your analysis extends to both passages.
  • Conclude by explaining the implications of your findings and reinforcing your original claim. The conclusion should effectively tie together the elements of your essay, providing a cohesive closure to your argument.

How is the GED Essay Scored?

A maximum of six points can be attained on the GED extended response, with three primary categories, each offering the potential to earn up to two points. It is important to note that the extended response contributes to 20% of the total RLA score.

  1. Creation of Arguments and Use of Evidence:
    • Construct a robust claim and employ analysis of arguments and evidence from the passages to bolster it.
  2. Development of Ideas and Organizational Structure:
    • Produce a substantial essay characterized by clear transitions between ideas. Ensure a well-structured composition with a compelling introduction and conclusion.
  3. Clarity and Command of Standard English Conventions:
    • Utilize appropriate language, showcasing a command of strong language and grammar skills.

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How to Pass The GED Essay 

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