Achieving your GED opens doors to improved career prospects, advanced educational pursuits, higher potential income, and a heightened sense of self-empowerment. Establishing a complimentary GED account is a straightforward process that grants you access to a plethora of study resources, valuable test-taking tips, both in-person and online classes, detailed information on test subjects, and a host of additional features. This informative guide will walk you through the steps of creating up your account, enabling you to embark on your journey towards achieving your personal and professional aspirations. For more information about the online GED test, click here

GED Exam Overview

There are four distinct GED® subtests (modules) that allow you the flexibility to tackle them individually, providing the option to take one or more tests at your own pace. It’s essential to note that not all states utilize the GED exam for high school equivalency testing; there are two HSE (high school equivalency) tests available: GED and HiSET. To commence the process, prospective candidates must register at and create an account through the MyGED portal.

The four GED tests encompass questions in the academic realms of:

  1. Reasoning Through Language Arts (Reading and Writing)
  2. Mathematics Reasoning
  3. Science
  4. Social Studies

The GED exam is entirely computerized, except in New Jersey and West Virginia, where both GED and HiSET tests must be taken in a computer-based format. The GED test, offered in a computer-based format, is accessible at state- and Pearson VUE-approved testing centers. Additionally, you have the alternative to take the GED test online from the convenience of your home. Attaining a GED certificate signifies proficiency and knowledge, showcasing the capability to pursue credit-bearing courses successfully at the university or college level and excel in the employment market.

How to Create a GED® Account

Step 1: Email Verification and Password Creation 

In the first step of the process, you need to assign an email address and create a password for your GED account. Ensure that your password is distinct from your email address and adheres to the following criteria: it must be at least eight characters long, include letters, and feature at least one symbol or number. After specifying your email address and password, proceed to click on “Create account” to complete the setup.

Step 2: Submit your Personal Information

In the second step, you are required to provide personal details for your GED account, encompassing your first, middle, and last name, precisely as they appear on your government-issued ID. Additionally, you will need to provide your phone number, date of birth, and mailing address. To proceed to the subsequent stage, it is crucial to affirm your agreement to the Candidate Agreement Policy located at the bottom of the page, which encompasses’s Terms and Conditions as well as its Privacy and Cookies Policy. Click on “Continue” after agreeing to advance to the next step. If you need help, contact us.

Step 3: Testing Center or Online GED Testing 

Subsequently, you will be prompted to select your testing location, whether within a state, another country, or under the category of “other countries” in case your desired testing site is on a US military base. Upon making your choice, click “Continue.” Embrace the opportunity to register for the online GED testing, now conveniently accessible! Our online proctored exam empowers you to take the GED test from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s how the Online GED Test works:

  1. Conduct a system test to ensure your computer, webcam, and internet connection meet the required standards for online testing.
  2. Schedule your online test within 60 days of achieving a ‘green’ status on a GED Ready practice test.
  3. Log in to 30 minutes prior to your test appointment to initiate your test.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to check-in for your test, which involves verifying your system, I.D., and workspace.
  5. Take your test while an online proctor observes, mirroring the monitoring process at a traditional test center. If you want someone to help you with your online GED test, consider hiring expert GED test takers from to help you.

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Step 4: Online GED Classes

Are you planning to use your GED account to register for an online GED class? The upcoming screen inquires about your interest in GED classes. If you opt for “Yes,” you’ll have the opportunity to explore class locations in your vicinity before advancing to the subsequent screen. Alternatively, if you choose “No,” proceed by clicking “Continue.”

Step 5: Prepare for the GED Test

Your GED account grants you access to a plethora of resources and diverse learning options. Prepare for the GED by delving into the relevant subjects. Make use of official GED study materials, practice tests, and any additional resources that prove beneficial. Consider taking a practice test to acquaint yourself with the online testing format and pinpoint areas that may require additional review. From your account’s home page, you can:

  1. Review your GED goals, including the current subject you’re studying and your test goal date.
  2. Access study guides for all four GED subjects.
  3. Prepare for and schedule your GED test, whether in-person or online, and explore test tips.
  4. View your GED practice test scores.

Step 6: Take the GED Test

Respond to questions for each subject during the online GED test. In the event you feel inadequately prepared, you can choose to hire someone to take the GED exam on your behalf. offers an ideal solution, boasting a team of seasoned GED test takers who can remotely connect to your computer and complete the GED test on your behalf. WhatsApp Us!