How do I Enroll for my GED Test?

If you want to enroll for the GED, there is only one stop for you and that is the GED Testing Service. This is the only organization that has been mandated to give you a GED diploma. This means that if you encounter any testing service that promises to give you a GED diploma, RUN! All you need to do is to create a GED account and schedule the test. The account creation is free and quite an easy process.

With your account, you can now enroll for the GED test and schedule the test. GED Testing Service also provides reading materials, study tips, and even GED classes. If you want to attend classes, you can get the classes near you from the site and book a class. On this site, you also get to request your transcript once the GED test results are out.

GED Testing Service can help you study for your GED test by providing you with study materials and practice tests. Each subject costs around $6.99 per subject if you buy it from the GED Testing Service. Please note that you can get practice tests and ged test help  from our website

if you need help in taking and passing your ged test , feel free to reach out to us on chat