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How is the GED Scored?

After dedicating yourself to consistent study, you are now poised to take the GED exam. Before stepping into the test environment, it’s crucial to be clear about your objectives. Achieving a GED passing score on all four subjects grants you a high school equivalency credential. Surpassing this benchmark with a college-ready score opens up additional opportunities for your future education. What constitutes a good GED score? A score of 145 or higher is the threshold for passing the GED. However, those who attain higher scores may qualify for college credit or exemption from college entrance exams.

While a score of 145 or better is considered passing, a college-ready score is defined as anything above 164. Students scoring in the range of 165-174 demonstrate the skills necessary for college-level courses, potentially avoiding placement tests or remedial (non-credit) courses. Students earning a score of 175 or higher may even have the opportunity to earn up to 10 college credits or bypass college entrance exams altogether.

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Subjects Covered By Our Do My GED Exam Service

  • Reasoning Though Language Arts

Do you possess a robust vocabulary and a profound understanding of sentence structure? These are the skills put to the test when tackling the language arts section of the GED. In this segment, you are tasked with solving 53 questions within a 90-minute timeframe. Alongside multiple-choice questions, there is a lengthier component requiring the crafting of a compelling argumentative essay. If you find this challenging, consider seeking our expert help service to do your online GED exam on your behalf. The essay writing portion of this section is where we can provide support in writing a good GED essay for you.

  • Mathematics

Can I hire someone to do my GED exam for me? Yes! We understand that certain aspects of the GED exam might pose challenges for you. That’s why we provide a perfect option for you to hire someone to do your GED exam. Mathematics, encompassing basic math, algebra, and geometry, is often identified as one of the more challenging sections of the GED. Recognizing that not everyone excels in every area, we offer our GED exam help service to assist you in tackling the mathematical components of the GED exam. Hire Us now!  

  • Social Studies

Are you intrigued by the history, economics, geography, and politics of the United States? If not, passing the GED social studies test might seem challenging. You’re required to respond to 35 questions within a 70-minute timeframe, covering U.S. history, economics, geography, and politics. Don’t let this hinder your aspirations of getting a top score; instead, consider asking us to ‘Take my GED Social Studies Test for Me‘ Our team boasts subject matter experts ready to secure your GED certificate.

  • Science

The Science segment of the GED involves answering 35 questions within a 90-minute timeframe. It requires interpreting graphs and charts, along with grasping various scientific concepts. For students lacking interest in scientific studies but compelled to pass the GED, this section can pose significant challenges. Fortunately, navigating through this doesn’t have to be daunting when you’re on our website. Simply take a step forward, choose to “pay someone to take my GED” from our team, and attain your desired outcome. Enter your details and request a callback.

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