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What Is On The GED Mathematical Reasoning Exam

The GED is designed for individuals who haven’t completed their high school education. By successfully passing the GED, they can attain a high school equivalence certificate, demonstrating proficiency in standard high school subjects. The GED Mathematical Reasoning test evaluates both algebraic and quantitative problem-solving skills, requiring test-takers to demonstrate an understanding of mathematical concepts, proficiency in applying these concepts, and the ability to use knowledge in real-world situations. During the Mathematical Reasoning test, you’ll have access to standard geometric and algebraic formulas, covering calculations for areas, perimeters, volumes, means and medians, distances, and simple interest.

Similar to all GED tests, the Mathematical Reasoning exam is administered via computer delivery and must be taken either at an official testing center or through online proctoring in a location of your choosing. The test comprises two sections: the first segment prohibits the use of calculators, while a calculator is allowed in the second section. Unlike individually timed sections, you are granted 115 minutes to complete the entire test.

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