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About The GED Exam 

The GED test offers an opportunity for individuals who haven’t completed high school to acquire a high school equivalency credential. Through the High School Equivalency Program, those who couldn’t complete their high school education have a chance to earn a globally recognized credential equivalent to a standard high school diploma. The test comprises four subtests, covering Social Studies, Science, Math, and Language Arts. Candidates can take the GED exam at a testing center or online, with success requiring a passing score of 145 on each subtest. Before opting for the online GED test, it’s essential to ensure compliance with your state’s requirements, including residency and a minimum age of 16. Some states may require enrollment in state-approved preparation classes.

Key Sections of the GED Exam:

  1. Reasoning through Language Arts: The initial segment of the GED exam focuses on reasoning through language arts, comprising 50 questions. This section spans 2.5 hours, including a 10-minute break, and typically takes around 45-50 minutes to complete.
  2. Mathematical Reasoning Section: The mathematical reasoning section involves over 40 questions and lasts approximately 2 hours. Questions require calculations, and candidates are allowed to use a calculator to tackle more challenging problems during the exam.
  3. Social Studies: The social studies section includes 30-35 questions, with a total duration of 70 minutes.
  4. Science: The science section consists of around 30-35 questions and has a total duration of 1.5 hours.

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