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About the GED

The GED credential holds broad recognition as an equivalent to a high school diploma, serving as a stepping stone for those looking to further their education or advance their careers. Achieving a GED involves successfully completing the GED test, a comprehensive examination divided into four sections, with an approximate total duration of 7.5 hours. This test assesses the knowledge of the test-taker in comparison to high school graduates. Each section is scored on a scale of 100 to 200, with a minimum passing score of 150 for each.

Tips for Efficiently Preparing for the GED Test

While most individuals typically spend around three months preparing for the GED exam, there’s no fixed timeline, allowing you to expedite your readiness for the test by following these strategies:

  • Leverage Self-Paced Online Courses: Utilize self-paced online courses designed to help you master the four core subject areas: Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Reasoning through Language Arts.
  • Take a Practice Test: Gauge your readiness by taking a free GED practice test. GED Ready, a handy tool, will provide you with a red, yellow, or green score to indicate your probability of passing the GED test. You’ll be well-prepared for the exam once you have confidence in your knowledge and achieve a green score on GED Ready. Learn how to pass the GED test
  • Utilize a Comprehensive GED Study Guide: Enhance your understanding of key subjects by using a comprehensive GED Study Guide that offers video lessons and quizzes for thorough review.

How Much Does a GED Cost Across Different States?

The costs of GED testing differ from one state to another. Online GED test fees can fluctuate depending on your location, just as in-person testing and retake costs can vary based on the state you’re in. You can check the cost of a GED here.

Below are the current costs associated with each GED subject in various states:

State/Territory Cost per GED Subtest Cost for Four GED Subjects Combined
Alabama $36 $144
Alaska $36 $144
American Samoa $36 $144
Arizona $41 $164
Arkansas $36 $144
Bermuda $0 $0.00
California $41 $164
Colorado $43.50 $174
Connecticut $0 (residents only) $0 (residents only)
D.C. $36 $144
Delaware $30 $120
Federal Bureau of Prisons $0 $0.00
Florida $38 $152
Georgia $46 $184
Hawaii $43.50 $174
Idaho $36 $144
Illinois $36 $144
Kansas $39 $156
Kentucky $36 $144
Maryland $36 $144
Massachusetts $36 $144
Michigan $43.50 $174
Michigan Prisons $0 $0.00
Minnesota $36 $144
Mississippi $36 $144
Nebraska $36 $144
Nevada $36 $144
New Jersey $36 $144
New Mexico $36 $144
North Carolina $36 $144
North Dakota $36 $144
Northern Mariana Islands $36 $144
Ohio $36 $144
Oklahoma $41 $164
Oregon $44 $164
Pennsylvania $36 $144
Rhode Island $36 $144
South Carolina $43.50 $174
South Dakota $43.50 $174
Texas $42.25 $169
Utah $36 $144
Vermont $36 $144
Virginia $36 $144
Virgin Islands $36 $144
Washington $36 $144
Wisconsin $39.75 $159
Wyoming $36 $144

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