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Summary of the GED Math Exam

The GED exam provides an opportunity for individuals who haven’t finished high school to obtain a high school equivalency credential. Through the High School Equivalency Program, those unable to complete their high school education have a chance to earn a globally recognized credential equivalent to a standard high school diploma. The GED Mathematical Reasoning exam assesses proficiency in both algebraic and quantitative problem-solving skills. Test takers are tasked with showcasing an understanding of mathematical concepts, the ability to apply those concepts, and the skill to use mathematical knowledge in real-world scenarios. Candidates can take the GED exam either at a testing center or online, with success requiring a passing score of 145 on each subtest.

How Difficult is it to Pass the GED Math Test?

While the GED math section may not inherently be challenging, its complexity can be daunting for those unfamiliar with its content. Some students struggle with understanding math questions and solving problems. Despite the inherent difficulty of the GED math test, building a strong foundation and thorough preparation can significantly alleviate the challenge. Regular practice tests and utilizing adequate resources for GED math preparation can simplify the overall process, making it more manageable. Achieving a passing score of at least 145 points in each subject ensures success in the GED exam.

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