How can one achieve a guaranteed pass on the GED test? What strategies or resources can be employed to ensure success in all sections of the exam? In order to successfully pass the GED, it is necessary to attain a passing score of 145 points in each subject test. How can I get a good Score in my GED test? Getting a good score in the GED test may seem challenging for students but adequate preparation and the right resources are key. Achieving a passing score on the GED® test equates to obtaining a high school diploma.

To pass your GED® test, you have two options. First, engage in thorough preparation by gaining a solid understanding of the concepts tested in each of GED section. Alternatively, you can opt for a reliable solution by hiring a GED expert to take the GED test on your behalf. At, a team of experienced GED test-takers is ready to ensure you achieve a top score on your GED test. If we fail to give you a guaranteed pass on your GED test,  we will refund your money.

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 About the GED  

The GED certification is specifically designed for individuals who have not completed their high school education. By successfully passing the GED, they can obtain a high school equivalence certificate demonstrating proficiency in standard high school subjects. Unlike traditional memorization of dates, facts, or terminologies, the GED certification focuses on the practical application of knowledge and skills to achieve results.

The GED certification consists of four distinct subtests, requiring approximately 7 hours to complete. The subjects covered in the GED include:

  1. Reasoning through Language Arts
  2. Mathematical Reasoning
  3. Social Studies
  4. Science

The Reasoning through Language Arts section comprises two parts, featuring 53 questions, 1 extended response, and a total time limit of 140 minutes. The Mathematical Reasoning section consists of 46 questions with a 90-minute time limit. The Social Studies section encompasses 34 questions, 1 extended response, and a 90-minute time limit. Lastly, the Science section includes 32 questions, 2 short answer responses, and a 90-minute time frame.

Within the Language Arts section, participants face multiple-choice questions covering grammar, sentence structure, organization, and essay writing. The Social Studies section incorporates questions related to Geography, History, Civics, Government, and Economics. The Science certification encompasses subjects such as physics, chemistry, life science, and earth and space science. The Mathematics certification covers topics including number operations, number sense, measurement, geometry, data analysis, statistics and probability, algebra, functions, and patterns.

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